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Math Fail

Over at Bitsy’s blog, I see that she posted an example of someone who is really lousy at some subject (Beer-Lambert law?). I was not that great at math in high school. Oh, I can add and subtract, multiply and divide, and do plenty of other easy things. It’s just once we got to two-column proofs and imaginary numbers that I thought that math might not be for me.

I remember one test I took had a question with a picture of a triangle. It said, “Using a two-column proof, prove that this is a triangle.” Seriously? I can’t just say it has three sides that connect at three points and be done? Sadly, I still don’t know how to prove that was a triangle. In fact, I just drew an arrow to the shape and was finished with that question.

Well, stories aside, here’s a picture I posted to facebook a few years ago that describes how I feel about math.



7 Responses

  1. I wish I could tell you I’d never felt like that little guy in the last picture doing a math problem myself, but . . .

  2. Ah, for the days of the two column proofs.

    I’ve worked with Math Teachers who would probably have given you credit for that arrow!

    • I’m so glad those days are gone.

      Sad thing is that I can’t remember if I didn’t get some credit for that. The teacher I had was the type that did that from time to time.

    • Now that I look at your blog, I see you live just down the street from me. I went to Grace Prep for high school. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

  3. […] had a funny post about 2-column proofs and a triangle. I had given my class baggies of straws and they had to see […]

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