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Greek Vocabulary Cards

A couple of years ago I had the option to buy Mounce’s Greek Vocabulary Cards, but decided not to spend the extra money when I could use it elsewhere. Well, yesterday I broke. Yes, I finally got the 1,000 card set. I’m desperately trying to improve my Greek vocabulary skills so I don’t lose it while I’m not in a class. So, I am starting with the first fifty cards (most of which I already know) and am going to add to it as I get them down. Hopefully this will help.

Has anybody else used these cards? What was your impression of them? Did they help you?



6 Responses

  1. I use Mounce for Greek and Pratico and Van Pelt for Hebrew. It is the only way I can memorize vocab. I go through all 1000 of the Mounce cards every weekend (500 on Friday and 500 on Sunday). I am about 1/2 through the Hebrew and do those 2-3 times per week as I am still developing my Hebrew. I could never make it without the vocab cards. Good choice!

  2. Rather than using vocab cards, I used Metzger’s and Trenchard’s books. Simply covering the English and looking at the Greek worked for me, although many say this doesn’t work for them. After getting down the vocab, I find that spending time in the text is much more rewarding and effective than regularly drilling on vocab.

    • That’s what I did when I was taking Greek classes, but now that I don’t have those classes a few days a week, I think it’ll be easier for me to carry around some cards and drill when I’ve got the time.

      Yes, spending time in the text is great! In fact, that’s what I do at least once a week. I post my translation of a passage to this blog every Monday. I’m hoping to do more once I get some more vocabulary down.

  3. I have the Greek and Hebrew cards as well. I used to use the Greek cards religiously but not so much in the past year. I haven’t had much occasion for the Hebrew cards yet.

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