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I’ve discovered that homework is not the same as I remember. Now that I’m in a grad program, I have so much homework that I barely can find time to do it. I came up to Criswell’s library today to read a few hundred pages and work on two papers. Right now I am merely taking a short break to express my discontent in my ability to get all the work done that I’d like. Maybe I will get the hang of this soon.



The Big News

A few days ago I mentioned that I had some big news that I couldn’t quite share yet. Well, now I am free to do so. I am now working (part-time) at my church as their Worship Producer! Basically, this job is to manage the people and programs involved in sound, lights, video, stage set-up, and whatever else I can help with. It takes some pressure off of the Worship Director to get through that area so that she can focus on the band, choir, lead vocals, etc.

I am very excited to step into this role as I can help make Sunday morning services (and other special events) happen. It also gets my foot in the door to see what ministry looks like behind-the-scenes.


Working On Something

On an unrelated note from what I wrote the other day, I am working on a new blog post (possibly series of posts) that is the biggest thing I’ve done here since I’ve returned to the blogoverse. I do hope you will check back tomorrow afternoon/evening to see what I’m working on, as I will be sharing my heart on what has been going on in my life over the past couple years and what I’m thinking about for the future. I would certainly welcome dialogue on this subject (as I know there will be many differing views across the board).


Big News

I’ve got some big news that I can’t share just yet, but that I am very excited about. I thought I’d simply throw out this little tease in the meanwhile. Be on the lookout for a post in the near future (maybe this week) on just what kind of news it is!


German Study

Dr. Black has an excellent view on understanding the German language. He insists that the only way to truly master the language is to speak it. Might I suggest that if you have a desire to learn German, that you find a local group such as we have in the Dallas area. At some point in the next year or two I fully plan on attending these events in order to learn the language. I am also fortunate to have a friend who was born in Germany that I can practice with whenever I find time (and she is just about the sweetest servant of God one could hope to know)! Resources like these are invaluable!



It looks like I’m finally going to be able to go to the SBL annual meeting this year! I am so very excited to be able to finally make it! Are any of you going to be there? It’d be great to finally meet up with some of you!

After a few days there, I’ll be heading to Bowling Green, KY for some down home country Thanksgiving cooking at my grandparents’ house! This November is going to be simply amazing!


Thoughts on My First Two Days of Grad School

Yesterday, as you know, my mind was blown. I had my first class back at Criswell – Philosophy of Language. It was great, but I felt a little overwhelmed and, frankly, a little worried about Master level classes. Today has quelled those fears.

I had a NT intensive on Matthew as my first class today. It was awesome, but mainly because the prof is one of my all-time favorites – Dr. Metts! I was surprised to learn, however, that he favors Matthean priority of the gospels, and argues for a 43-45AD dating. He said he will touch on this more later and I am looking forward to it.

Finally, I had Reformation/Post-Reformation Theology with Dr. Bryant. I am one of three students in this one! Most of this first class he spent telling his story (which was awesome) and only barely touched on the major movers in the Reformations, but it looks to be a very interesting class.

All in all, I am very pleased, however I now remember that philosophy was never my forté. That is almost certainly why when class started yesterday that everything sounded so foreign. It’s not bad, but I will have to work particularly hard in there. Bring it on!