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I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new feature on Broadcast Depth. Over on the left side of the screen, above my latest tweet, you will find a button. Yes, the one that looks like this:

Amazon Wish List

Well, go ahead. You can click it. Don’t worry. Feel free to support a lowly blogger with whatever you see on there that you think would benefit me <cough> Lord Jesus Christ <cough> Die Bibel <cough> BibleWorks 8 <cough>. Ok, so maybe that last one is a little sad to put up hoping that another poor blogger would send a copy to me, but I’ve got to try, right?

Seriously though, if you ever feel benevolent, and are wondering what Matt might like to have, just check that wish list and I will be forever grateful. I’ll even mention you here on the blog <wink wink nudge nudge>. Ok, I’m done.



16 Responses

  1. Shameless, I say!!! 😉

  2. I’ll just keep my links up and leave the self-promotion to the experts! 😛

  3. You’re just now getting around to this?!! For shame! 😉

  4. Wow! It’s amazing how many books you want that I actually have. If I was a different kind of person I might give you some of them. 😛

  5. How about a “Dirty Santa” game this Christmas? All who would participate would purchase a random book off of another’s amazon wish list, then if someone else wanted it (who was next in line), they could take it, and so on… Sound like fun? 😉

  6. Matt, Nick: I wasn’t being serious! I think it would be a little too complicated. Plus, as you both mentioned, money is growing on trees around here. I was just thinking out loud! 🙂

    • Still a good idea though…at least for those bibliobloggers who have money around that time. It would be kind of neat to see that grow into a tradition around here. Could be set up through the Top 50 or something like that.

  7. Matt: Perhaps it could happen. I know it Christmas time we are always outdone by the amount of stuff we buy/receive. I don’t mind buying for our kids and parents, but with all the other it can get a bit out of hand. We’ll see, though.

  8. Jason: The idea’s not a bad one, and it’s something I’d be willing to do if I had the money. Buying people books off of their wish list is a joy when it’s possible.

    Matt: Forget the Top 50! I wouldn’t buy most of those folks anything! 😮

    • Haha! I only meant it as a place to organize the event, nothing more. Really, any blog would do though (as long as it gets decent traffic to get the word out).

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