The Big News

A few days ago I mentioned that I had some big news that I couldn’t quite share yet. Well, now I am free to do so. I am now working (part-time) at my church as their Worship Producer! Basically, this job is to manage the people and programs involved in sound, lights, video, stage set-up, and whatever else I can help with. It takes some pressure off of the Worship Director to get through that area so that she can focus on the band, choir, lead vocals, etc.

I am very excited to step into this role as I can help make Sunday morning services (and other special events) happen. It also gets my foot in the door to see what ministry looks like behind-the-scenes.



College Jobs

I am in job hunt mode right now. I do have a current job (which is always nice), but I could use one that’s either closer to where I live or where I am about to start grad classes in a few weeks. I’ve often thought how nice it would be to work at the school I go to in some capacity – admissions, teacher’s aid, security, etc. I plan on figuring out if they are hiring for any position, but I thought I’d pose a couple questions to y’all first. What has been your experience in looking at work at the school you attend? How did you find out about the position? Did you find it good or bad working at the place you attend? Is there anything I should be especially mindful of in my own search?


I Heard Back

I heard back today about that job that I tried so hard to get. I had all the right references. I had the motivation and love for the job. I had a great interview. All of this and I still didn’t get it.



Today has been a bit of a whirlwind. It’s amazing that on days like this there just is never enough time to do anything!

Well, I got all prepped for my interview (discovered that an old suit fits again thanks to my exercise and diet regimen of late) and took off. In the rush I happened to forget my wedding ring at home, but it made for a stress-relieving joke at just the right time in the interview.

I got to my old high school and chatted with the receptionist for a little bit while waiting for the principal and vice-principal. That didn’t take long and they brought me back to their office. This was basically a get-to-know-you kind of thing. There were some questions about how I would handle situations, but for the most part I think they just wanted to get a feel for who I am and why I want this job. I appreciate that and hope that I presented the passion I have for the school and its students well enough to them.

I’m told that I will get a call back in the next couple of weeks when they’ll either move forward with a second interview or not. I know God is in control of whatever decision, but I do hope I’m chosen for this job.


Interview Day

Today’s the day! At about 2pm (cst) I will be in my interview. I’m scared to death right now. I really want this job to be it. I could really see myself doing this for several years. I just hope that I get that chance.

What’s more is that this school that I’m interviewing at is my old high school. I loved my time there and even joked with my friends back then that we would all come back one day and teach there.

There hasn’t been a place that I’ve applied to that I’ve believed in more than this school. It would be a joy to teach there. The teachers that made the most difference in my life were all there. If I could do the same for other students, I’d consider my life a success.


Colds and Jobs

Brooke’s doing a lot better today. Thank you all for praying. She’s still coughing, but she’s well on her way to recovery. We did have to have a little talk about covering one’s mouth when coughing though. 😛

There’s some news on the job front for me. I have an interview! And it’s with the place that I really love. If it works out I’d be very happy, but I’m trying to remember to take it one step at a time. So, step one: interview. Does anyone have any advice in that department. It’s a teaching job, so I’m looking specifically at what I should do to prepare (I’m looking at you, Bitsy).


Dress Clothes

I’d just like to point out that this is the second day this week where I’ve dressed up all nice. I’ve got one of my nice button-up shirts, slacks, dress shoes, and a tie on! And I’m doing it again tomorrow morning. What a weird week!