German Study

Dr. Black has an excellent view on understanding the German language. He insists that the only way to truly master the language is to speak it. Might I suggest that if you have a desire to learn German, that you find a local group such as we have in the Dallas area. At some point in the next year or two I fully plan on attending these events in order to learn the language. I am also fortunate to have a friend who was born in Germany that I can practice with whenever I find time (and she is just about the sweetest servant of God one could hope to know)! Resources like these are invaluable!



Just In

I was busy last night with other things, so this comes one day late. Yesterday when I got the mail, there was a package from Southeastern Seminary’s Dave Black. He mentioned in a comment earlier this week that he was going to send me something to help with German, so naturally I was excited. Inside I found German One: A Cultural Approach by J. K. L. Bihl. Now, I have only had time to skim this so far, but it looks to be pretty good. Thank you, Dr. Black, for this. I look forward to working my way through it’s exercises.


Learning Another Language

So, I’ve got how to learn biblical Greek and Hebrew. I’m no expert (although I’d like to be one day), but I can muddle my way through with some of the best of seminarians (thanks to awesome profs at Criswell – Dr. Metts for Greek and Dr. Brooks for Hebrew).

However, I’m wondering what to do with German. I’d like to be able to read it and also converse in it by the time I’m finished with my Master’s degree (so I’ve got some time). A lot of resources that I’ve seen are for one or the other. I’ve looked at Rosetta Stone (so expensive, but I’ve heard some great things), and I’ve looked at books in the library like Modern Theological German. So my questions to any of you are:

  1. Should I start with one way (ie. reading), then proceed to the other (ie. conversational)? And what resources would you suggest? or
  2. Is there some resource that will teach both to me at the same time? And is that how I should go?

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