Starting Grad School

This week has been one wild ride! On Wednesday, I went up to Criswell College for new student orientation and to get registered for classes! My goodness, it sure was good to be back up there! I was very honestly surprised.

It’s really amazing how God has shut doors in my life to push me back to Criswell. Some of you know I’ve had a pretty tough couple of years. Fortunately, though, there has been a group of strong Christian guys who have held me accountable during this time. They are awesome!

I thought I might go back to Tulsa (where I was several years ago) and continue education there. These guys seemed hesitant, but allowed me to pursue it. I went up there to look for work this past January, but to absolutely no avail! I didn’t even get a call back from a single place! So, I couldn’t move up there. Door closed.

Next, I thought I might as well try to go for a Master’s degree in Scotland at one of their fine institutions. Sounds awesome, right? When I went to tell my accountability group about it, not a single one thought it was a good idea to pursue right now. We spent a few long hours talking solely about it. It honestly took me aback that all of them disagreed with me. In the end, I still wasn’t sure they were right, but I put my trust in their judgment on the matter and relented. Another door firmly closed.

Then I applied to Dallas Seminary. They have such a great academic program and, with people in their New Testament department like Wallace and Fanning, I thought it would be the perfect fit for me. It didn’t take long for them to come back with a rejection on account of the issue I’d dealt with in the past couple years. That door felt slammed in my face.

So, I gave it some time, but this past summer I felt compelled to go up to Criswell to see what might be open there. Right away I felt welcomed and was honestly very impressed with them (which is surprising considering I went to school there for two years in undergrad). The admissions counselor encouraged me to apply and before I knew it I’d been accepted! Financial aid fell into place. My job’s hours changed, for an unrelated reason, which allowed me to take all the classes I wanted. Now, other job possibilities are opening up in the fields where my heart is!

God is so good! He even uses slammed doors to direct us to the places He wants us to go!



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