Book Shopping

For anyone who has read this blog in the past, you know that I have a love of books. Free books are the best, but on occasion there are books that I must buy. With classes starting in only a few weeks, this is one of those occasions! However, there is a right and a wrong way to pay for books on a budget.

I’ve done the math for my fall book purchases and have compared three different book stores. My school uses Dallas Seminary’s book center for their regular needs. The store itself is a fantastic place! I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in the area that you stop in for a visit. I could get my books there for about $210.

Of course there is Amazon. I could get all my books there for a tidy sum of $200.33! Neither of these two options is very far apart and they are not bad for a whole semester’s worth of books. But…there is a less expensive place!

If I went with Abebooks my total price for the semester comes out to $118.48. That’s $80 less than Amazon! I know I could use that money (possibly for more books). I’m liable to give up some amount of quality, however I’ve found that most of the books I’ve received from them over the years have been immaculate.

All this said, I will probably use Abebooks for most of my purchase and then get a certain few books that I want to be sure are pristine from Amazon.



2 thoughts on “Book Shopping

    1. Yes, yes, there is Half-Price, but they may not have all (or any) of the titles I need. And Abebooks tends to be close to or a little lower than the prices charged at Half-Price.

      If I go to HPB then, inevitably, I end up walking out with many more books (and lately records) than I probably should. 🙂

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