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Fall Courses

I’m pretty excited to be going back to school this fall. Criswell was a great place to finish my undergrad career (they were the last stop on a set of four colleges), and they appear to be an even greater place for grad work! So, without further ado, the classes I will be taking this fall:

Philosophy of Language
A study of the nature and use of language in general and specifically its ability to communicate religious truth and experience. Key thinkers representing major historical time periods (including the contemporary) and supposed problems for Christian theology are examined. Important questions include how temporal language is used to discuss the eternal God.

Reformation and Post-Reformation Theology
An examination of the views and influence of the magisterial Reformers and the Anabaptists and their significant theological heirs and opponents until the end of the eighteenth century. Special focus is given to the continuing influence of these groups and their views on contemporary evangelicalism.

New Testament Intensive: Matthew
Advanced analytical research of the Greek text in selected portions of the Gospel of Matthew in order to discover the contextual message and purpose of the text, its theological contribution, and its significance in the life of the Church. Attention will be given to historical setting, grammar, literary structure, textual criticism, and lexical analyses of the text. Students should not take the same exegesis course twice, even if different passages are being examined, in order to gain as wide an exposure as possible to different genres in the New Testament.

The one I’m going to enjoy most is the class on Matthew. It’s taught by my old Greek professor, Dr. H. Leroy Metts! He is awesome!



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