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Comings and Goings

I have had a roller coaster couple of years. I have debated how much to share of it (if any), but I can definitely say that one thing I had to step away from to deal with what has been going on has been this blog. I have attempted to step back into the blogoverse on a couple occasions, but each time seemed too forced, so I never continued. I don’t want to force this thing. Either this will happen or it won’t.

So, where am I now? I have been putting things back together in my life. I have come a long way. I have a long way to go to reach the goal. I have a new apartment (no house…yet), a new car (’12 Mustang), great friends and church family, a job (bleh!), I’ve gone on a road trip across the western part of the USA, and finally I am about to start my MDiv at Criswell College (my BA alma mater)!

I have to admit to having set aside academia for a while and unfortunately this also meant not keeping up with Greek. Most will say that you should not stop once you start, but I am quite certain that my focus needed to be elsewhere and, while I have some catch up work to do, am at ease with that decision. Now I have reached a point where I can confidently go back into that world. Man, it’s good to be back!

So, without further ado, I re-introduce myself:



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