Idol Worship within Bible College

It was a slow change. I went to college to study the Bible because I loved God and wanted to be better prepared to share His word with others. I found myself leaving college with a love of the study of the Word more than a love of God Himself. I loved Greek. I loved New Testament. I loved theology. But somewhere along the way I stopped loving God.

You see, I’m stupid. Yes, stupid. After some time in college, I began grasping the thoughts and concepts to a degree that (in my stupid head) I thought, “oh here is a new, better relationship with God.” But it wasn’t. I gave up my prayer life, my one-on-one devotional reading of the Bible. In turn, I translated from Greek. I read systematic theology texts. I began research in textual criticism. Now, these things aren’t bad. They can really round out the context of the Bible, but these things are not the relationship I needed. I began to worship these things. They became my idols. They unrightfully took the spot in my life that belonged to God.

It took a tragic event (which I’ll talk about another time) to make me re-evaluate my life – to see what had happened, where I’d messed up. I had to set down my GNT, stop reading theology, end this blog for a while, and refocus my worship on God. Now, I’m finally comfortable to say that I can pick those things back up without them becoming idols once more, but it has not been a fun road. It’s taken time. A lot of time.

I wonder how many Bible college and seminary students are in a similar boat. If it weren’t for that event I spoke of, I might never have realized how far off I was. How many, then, are there who have no idea that they are placing something above God in their lives (even within these sorts of institutions)? I fear the number is high.



6 thoughts on “Idol Worship within Bible College

  1. Great that you are now back and that whatever it is that has happened in the past is at some sort of resolution. I know exactly what you mean where academic study (albeit, related to the Bible!) becomes a sort of idol, taking us away from what it means to be a Christian holding those texts dear.

    1. Thanks, Ari! I’m happy to be blogging again, though I’m still trying to figure out the frequency of it.

      It is a shame that it can be so easy to lose sight of the One who makes studying those texts so important.

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