A New Broadcast Depth

I know many of you haven’t seen or heard anything from this blog in a good, long while. It’s been a tough time in my life. I needed a break. I know there have been those among you who have been praying for me and I thank you. I will share some of what’s happened in my life in coming posts.

There’s going to be a more well-rounded feel to what I put here from now on. Previously, it was almost entirely academic. I posted book reviews, my translation work, interviews, and the like. I hope to continue to do those things, but I will also attempt (and prayerfully succeed) in sharing where I am in my walk with Christ in the hope that it might encourage those who visit here in their own walk. In the past year I’ve discovered that focusing solely on the academic study of Christianity can be idolatrous when you place that study higher in your life than the One who created what it is I love to study. Needless to say, I’ve taken time to put things in order.

All that being said, I don’t yet know the frequency of my posts, but I know what my next one will be. You can look forward to it tonight tomorrow. It will contain my thoughts on a certain debate here in Dallas that I will be attending shortly.



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