Jury Duty

Today I went in to downtown Ft. Worth for jury duty. Fortunately for me I didn’t have to stay the whole day. I did bring along Moo’s James commentary just in case though.

They had all 700 of us sit in a room where they played a cheesy video about serving on a jury. Then those with exemptions/disqualifications were asked to come up to plead their case to get out. That took about half an hour. Then they started assigning people to courts. Since it’s Friday there were only two courts looking for jurors today, so only 80 people were taken.

I on the other hand (along with 59 others) was given a questionnaire and assigned to a court for Monday at 10:30.

It’s nice to be out for the day and to be able to go in a little later on Monday, but I’m still worried about the length of this thing. I guess I’ll know more come Monday.



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