I Heard Back

I heard back today about that job that I tried so hard to get. I had all the right references. I had the motivation and love for the job. I had a great interview. All of this and I still didn’t get it.



12 thoughts on “I Heard Back

  1. It’s pretty rough out there right now. If I don’t get something soon, I’ll meet you at Green Oaks & Little Rd. You bring the windex. I’ll bring the squeegee. 😉

    1. I’m trying to remember that. It’s just so rough out there. I really want something so I can go back and get my ThM. Thanks for praying.

  2. I’m so sorry!

    I went on sooooo many interviews and many went not just well but great. Some of the interviews I thought went the best, well, nothing happened. Later I found out how tight schools hands were tied, but still. . .

    So, I’m gonna tell you to hang in there, but having been there, I know how difficult it is. I also know that God has something for you. The right something. Obviously this was not it.

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