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I Heard Back

I heard back today about that job that I tried so hard to get. I had all the right references. I had the motivation and love for the job. I had a great interview. All of this and I still didn’t get it.



12 Responses

  1. It’s pretty rough out there right now. If I don’t get something soon, I’ll meet you at Green Oaks & Little Rd. You bring the windex. I’ll bring the squeegee. 😉

  2. So sorry Matt. It’s time to “flow,” as we’ve learned to say in Ethiopia.

    I’ll continue praying….

    • I’m trying to remember that. It’s just so rough out there. I really want something so I can go back and get my ThM. Thanks for praying.

  3. aww man, total lameness. that’s happened to me before too. i don’t think i’ll ever understand hiring practices.

  4. I’m so sorry!

    I went on sooooo many interviews and many went not just well but great. Some of the interviews I thought went the best, well, nothing happened. Later I found out how tight schools hands were tied, but still. . .

    So, I’m gonna tell you to hang in there, but having been there, I know how difficult it is. I also know that God has something for you. The right something. Obviously this was not it.

  5. So sorry, Matt. Hang in there.

  6. Andy, do you live in Winston? You mentioned WFU in a post on your blog.

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