I headed down to the mail center at our apartment a little bit ago. When I reached into our box I pulled out a jury summons!

I’ve never had jury duty before, but I’m not too thrilled. The timing is just not good. I’m trying to find a job after all! Also, since we only have the one car right now, it’s going to be awfully tough getting to and from there. And the day that I have to appear also happens to be the day that Brooke’s family is going to be in town. We’ll have to see how this works out.



7 thoughts on “Summons

  1. There should be something that you can fill out to tell them your circumstances so you can get out of it. I did that a year or two ago since I had to take care of my daughter and nephew and couldn’t leave them with anyone. I wrote it down and then I had to show up at the court for jury selection and I was immediately dismissed.

    1. I checked on that. My circumstances don’t apply. 😦 I don’t have anyone under 15 who relies solely on me. Apparently economic reasons don’t matter either. And while if I have a permanent position I can’t be fired, there’s nothing about not being hired. So, I’m crossing my fingers that everything works out.

  2. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get an interesting case. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to numerous jurors and most think jury service was interesting after the fact.

    1. Interesting? Yes. I’m sure it will be. But with my need of finding a job and the use of one car between us and school in the fall, I hope they pass over me this time around. A year from now would be better.

  3. Matt, embrace this jury summons. If you have been summoned, you can be certain God has a role in it. Is it to help you get a job? I dunno. Is it to allow you to meet the one person who needs a word from you that day? I dunno. Is it just to allow you to occupy your mind with something different for a while? I dunno. All I know for certain is that God is in it somehow. Embrace it.

    1. Of course, God has a purpose. I’m simply relaying my inept ability to see that purpose and to say that I wish this could come at another time given my current situations.

      1. Well, you are not alone in what you call your “inept ability to see [God’s] purpose”. I suffer from that same malady.

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