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My New Favorite Thing

After my wife got off work today we had to run a couple checks over to the bank. Then we went to a few places she had wanted to go to and one that I’ve wanted to visit – Sports Authority.

We practically made a beeline for a section of this store which stocks equipment for a sport Brooke has given me permission to pursue – boxing! So, I tried on their Everlast gloves (I know there are better ones out there, but I just wanted to get a feel for it) and proceeded to throw a few jabs and crosses at the 100lb bag they have up. We got a few looks, but I don’t really care. It felt too good. Brooke tried some MMA bag gloves on and enjoyed punching the bag with those, so maybe she’s got some hope for some MMA training in the future.

Once I get a job, I fully intend to invest in getting some gloves, a heavy bag (and heavy bag stand), and a few other things. Here’s a question though: what size heavy bag do you recommend? I punched that 100lb bag and it was moving around a bit. Should I look at a heavier one or start with that?



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