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Sir Reads-a-lot

Today, I declare that Dave Black‘s has gained a new title: Sir Reads-a-lot! Yes, yes. That title rightly belongs to him. Why? Well, he posted earlier (6:27 AM) that he “manage[s] to read 15-20 books each week plus a handful of important journal articles, not to mention the more interesting blogs.”

Any man that can read that much every week deserves the title, Sir Reads-a-lot! How can he possibly manage to read so much? It has to be a feat of superhuman ability.

HT: Andy Bowden



17 Responses

  1. I would do well to read that many in a year! 😉

  2. I used to read at least one scholarly book a day, maybe a novel every two to three days, and multiple normal books a day. But never every day of the week, so the average would be 7-10 a week! How Black does it I do not know. He and Don Carson are insane in their reading quantities.

  3. I simply don’t understand how anyone reads that many books a day, scholarly or popular, especially with the ability to retain what was read. I’d better learn because I have a feeling my reading will only increase as my degree moves ahead!

  4. That much reading leaves no room for TV or movies. How does he manage?!!

  5. you forgetting that that is on top of all the manure mucking, hay bailing, barn building, fence building, cow feeding an so on!

  6. Just wow

  7. Maybe a lot of the material is on stuff he’s very familiar with (or even an expert on) so he’s able to speed read or scan them and pick out the relevant info. That’d be my guess. Either that or he takes ADD medicine to help him ; )

    I remember my old pastor used to say he read like 7 books a week so I guess it’s possible to read that and more depending on your schedule, commitment, and interest.

  8. I suggest we ask Black to teach a course: Speed reading 101. Think about it, 15-20 books a week equals between 2-3 books a day. It would take me all day just to turn the pages of 3 books.

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