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Quote of the Day

One of the books I’m reading is Michael Bird‘s Introducing Paul. I plan on finishing it up and posting a review in the next couple weeks, but I wanted to share a quote from it that made me stop and think about what the gospel is.

But merely stating that Jesus is king is an insufficient representation of the gospel if we do not point out how he has shown his kingly power in giving himself up for our sins and being raised by God for our acquittal. The gospel is a royal announcement that God has become king in Jesus Christ and has expressed his saving sovereignty through the death and resurrection of the Son, which atones, justifies and reconciles. There is no gospel without the heralding of the king, and there is no gospel without atonement and resurrection. [83]

I couldn’t have said it better.



14 Responses

  1. A great quote from a nice little book!

    • Have you read it? What did you think?

      • I read it under the far better title of “A Bird’s Eye View of Paul”. I was impressed, but I tend to find myself often being impressed by Michael Bird recently. In terms of Pauline theology I am quite the infant as I spend most of my time on historical Jesus and the gospels so I may be far easier impressed than yourself.

  2. I doubt that. I too am an infant in Pauline theology. I’ve got some under my belt, but I tend to focus my studies on the gospels. However, I’m trying to diversify that a bit.

  3. In one comment to this blog post the term “historical Jesus” is used.

    The persons using that contra-historical oxymoron (demonstrated by the eminent late Oxford historian, James Parkes, The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue) exposes dependancy upon 4th-century, gentile, Hellenist sources.

    While scholars debate the provenance of the original accounts upon which the earliest extant (4th century, even fragments are post-135 C.E.), Roman gentile, Hellenist-redacted versions were based, there is not one fragment, not even one letter of the NT that derives DIRECTLY from the 1st-century Pharisee Jews who followed the Pharisee Ribi Yehoshua.
    Historians like Parkes, et al., have demonstrated incontestably that 4th-century Roman Christianity was the 180° polar antithesis of 1st-century Judaism of ALL Pharisee Ribis. The earliest (post-135 C.E.) true Christians were viciously antinomian (ANTI-Torah), claiming to supersede and displace Torah, Judaism and (“spiritual) Israel and Jews. In soberest terms, ORIGINAL Christianity was anti-Torah from the start while DSS (viz., 4Q MMT) and ALL other Judaic documentation PROVE that ALL 1st-century Pharisees were PRO-Torah.

    There is a mountain of historical Judaic information Christians have refused to deal with, at: http://www.netzarim.co.il (see, especially, their History Museum pages beginning with “30-99 C.E.”).
    Original Christianity = ANTI-Torah. Ribi Yehoshua and his Netzarim, like all other Pharisees, were PRO-Torah. Intractable contradiction.

    Building a Roman image from Hellenist hearsay accounts, decades after the death of the 1st-century Pharisee Ribi, and after a forcible ouster, by Hellenist Roman gentiles, of his original Jewish followers (135 C.E., documented by Eusebius), based on writings of a Hellenist Jew excised as an apostate by the original Jewish followers (documented by Eusebius) is circular reasoning through gentile-Roman Hellenist lenses.

    What the historical Pharisee Ribi taught is found not in the hearsay accounts of post-135 C.E. Hellenist Romans but, rather, in the Judaic descriptions of Pharisees and Pharisee Ribis of the period… in Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT (see Prof. Elisha Qimron), inter alia.

    To all Christians: The question is, now that you’ve been informed, will you follow the authentic historical Pharisee Ribi? Or continue following the post-135 C.E. Roman-redacted antithesis—an idol?

  4. Matt, this group spams Christian bloggers and will in turn mount an attack against you. It will do wonder to your hits. They are anti-Christ in many ways.

  5. Most likely, he didn’t subscribe, so essentially, he is ignoring you. To me, this is like spamming for other useless products. I delete every now and then.

    • Regarding the historical teachings of Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh as an “useless product” …

      Ribi Yehoshua taught Torah-observance and Torah contains the instructions of the Creator.

      Regarding the instructions of the Creator as a useless product….

      The Creator respects persons free will to do that.. but Tan”kh is crystal clear it won’t lead to ha-olam haba (which Christians would call “heaven”)

      • I believe he meant that what YOU are selling is useless, not Christ. I’m pretty sure he never mentioned any “historical teachings” or “instructions” either.

  6. Line cast, fish hooked.

    Anders, the teachings of Christ is not a useless product, however, what the Netzarim sells is. It sells an unreal picture of Jesus Christ who did teach that the Law was coming to a close – not the morality of said law, but the ritual aspects. The Apostle Paul taught the same thing. From the very start, the insipid idea that somehow the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross was not enough to break the curse of the Law has sought to hold back the body of Christ. It has been defeated by Christ, Paul, Ignatius and others who have understood rightly our Lord’s sacrifice.

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