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What’s Coming to Me

WTS gave their payouts this month, and I’m glad to say that I could order some books. It’s always so difficult trying to decide exactly what to get, but I settled on a few reference books.

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels – Joel B. Green, Scot McKnight, and I. Howard Marshall, eds.
Dictionary of New Testament Background – Craig A. Evans and Stanley E. Porter, eds.
Dictionary of Paul and His Letters – Gerald F. Hawthorne, Ralph P. Martin, and Daniel G. Reid, eds.
Dictionary of Later New Testament & Its Developments – Ralph P. Martin and Peter H. Davids, eds.

I figure, out of a lot of what I could have gotten, these will help me the most in coming months. I can’t wait to check them out.



8 Responses

  1. I have all of those and they are superb!

  2. Nice, I have DJG and DPL right now, probably will buy DNTB soon.

    I think my prof who contributed to DJG told me that they are looking to replace these with newer editions though… but I’m not sure when

  3. Matt: Yes, excellent volumes–well worth the price. Though a couple of them are a bit dated now, they are still very helpful. I only one volume from the OT series. They newer and I hope to have the others in the near future.

  4. you got a BIG pay out! nice – I need to DJG and the OT ones…

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