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Thoughts on the Intelligent Design/Evolution Debate

Every so often the little debate over intelligent design and evolution comes up in the blogs. There are those who say that creation happened exactly as the Bible said (ie. seven literal days), and there are those who ascribe to theistic evolution that say the first few chapters of Genesis simply relate a reason for sin being introduced to the world. (Of course I realize there are more nuanced views. This is simply what I see most often.)

What is my take on this then? Frankly, I think that it doesn’t matter which you believe. If you believe that God used evolution and that the point of the Genesis account is to give an explanation for sin, that’s fine. If you believe that God created everything in seven literal days and that Adam and Eve sinned by eating the fruit, ok. I don’t believe that this is a salvation issue.

In my view, you can believe what you want about our origins (obviously lined up with Scripture; not necessarily a literal view of it here however), but you must realize three things with regard to this matter in order to be a Christian. One, God is the creator (through whatever means He chose). Two, sin is in the world. Three, we need redemption from this sin through Christ.

I may have just opened up a can of worms, but I welcome any discussion you all have on the matter.



4 Responses

  1. Well said Matt!

  2. It’s always nice when a Bible translation has “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”, that way. You can say that’s the section’s point, while the rest are details, details which I’ve seen used by both creationists and evolutionists.

    Some of the other translations of Genesis 1:1 aren’t so open to this pat interpretation, alas.

    • I would agree with you on that. I realize that sometimes in Bible translation it can be difficult not to subject the text to one theological stance or another, but here it should be pretty simple to avoid that.

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