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Interview Fee

I got an email earlier today that asked a couple questions about my interviews. They were just fairly basic questions, but one stuck out to me. In reference to the scholars I’ve interviewed up to now:

Do they charge a fee for you to publish their answers?

This was my reply:

As for a fee, well, I’ve never been asked to pay them, and would not dare dream of putting an interview up if it were to cost me a dime. I don’t think I’d like to be used in that way for another’s profit. I don’t think that I will run into that problem though. For the most part, the ones I have interviewed are a truly cheerful and encouraging bunch.

What would I do if a scholar wanted a fee for an interview? I would lose a lot of respect for that scholar and would NOT put that interview up.

However, every scholar that I have interviewed to this point has been more than gracious. They have been genuine, kind, and encouraging to me (and hopefully to my readers as well).

There have been scholars who, for one reason or another, cannot devote the time to my interviews. I understand that. I continue to respect these scholars.  I would prefer that than to be given a bill for services.



7 Responses

  1. If a scholar is so busy that they can’t conduct an interview via email (or other medium) except for a fee, then I’m not interested in what they have to say, especially for Christian scholars. Like you say, however, I doubt that anyone you or your readers would be interested in would ever consider such a thing.

  2. I thought I was about to read an interview with Gordon Fee!

  3. haha I was with Nick on this one…!

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