PC Frustrations

It’s been coming for a long time now, but frankly I thought we’d have the money to deal with it. We don’t. Yesterday my desktop pc finally decided to stop working (I’m typing this from my netbook – thankfully I have this). I tried to save it – to get it to last for just a few more months – but to no avail.

All of our pics, all of our financial info, all of my documents are in my desktop’s hard drive. And of course, I have no access to them (at least until I get another desktop). What’s more, I have no external dvd drive to put BibleWorks onto my netbook! All in all, this has been very frustrating.



4 thoughts on “PC Frustrations

  1. I feel your pain. My desktop crashed at the beginning of last year and I lost a lot of stuff. When you do get the money to replace it make sure to get an external hard drive to store the important stuff on. I hardly keep anything on my C drive these days.

    1. Yeah. It’s starting to hit me how important something like an external drive can be. Fortunately for me, I know I haven’t lost anything. I just can’t get to my files. So, when I do finally get something else it’ll be ok.

      I think the hardest part is going to be not being able to use BibleWorks.

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