Austin Plane Crash

Today at about 10am cst, Joe Stack lit his house ablaze and crashed his small, one-engine plane into an office building which contained an IRS office in northwest Austin. I normally wouldn’t spend the time to write on this here, but it was scary for me in a more personal way.

My brother (and his wife and kids) live in Austin, less than a mile from the building that Stack chose to fly into. He has an office within a mile of his house, but I didn’t know which building it was in, so I was worried. I found out though that his building was just a couple hundred yards away from this one and he had just left his office right before this guy did such a stupid thing.

I’m sorry, but Joe Stack is insane and he deserves whatever happened to him (whether he survived the plane crash is still to be determined as far as I know). To put my brother’s life and many, many other lives on the line in this way because of perceived injustice (which you can read about at Joel’s blog) is in itself an unjust act!

UPDATE: I just heard that Joe Stack did, in fact, die in the crash.



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