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Keeping Up with Greek

I really wish I was taking a Greek class or, at very least, was sitting in on one. I found it so much simpler to go to class and learn, do some homework, and have someone to ask questions of (and to hear other questions that I had not thought of yet). It was very nice.

Now that I’m self-teaching/keeping up with the Greek I already have, it’s much more difficult. The forward motion of a semester that pushes you to the edge and pulls you back again is lost. In it’s place is sheer willpower; willpower that is sometimes a little more sheer than I’d like.



4 Responses

  1. It is doable. Maybe for encouragement read “A Minister and His Greek New Testament” by Robertson or “Using New Testament Greek in Ministry” by Dave Black.

    I would recommend going through an entire chapter of a grammar and all the exercises every week day.

  2. Another idea, you could offer a free course, whether through a church or elsewhere. This then gives you the joy of introducing others to Greek, and is one of the best way to learn and keep polished yourself. I just began this in my church, and to my suprise, had about 13 people respond, many of them children (who are learning VERY fast).

    • I’ve thought about this in the recent past. I’m just not sure now is the right time to pursue it at my church (since I just joined). I don’t want to come in both guns blazing as if I’m something more than I am. Perhaps this Fall though I could do something in that direction.

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