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Electric Slide

The past two months our electric bill has been significantly higher than in previous billing periods. We’re not too sure why this is, but it sure is not fun!

Obviously there’s been the colder weather, so you would assume that heating the apartment would take more, but we’ve left the heat off for half a day every day since that first higher bill. We’ve turned lights off that we aren’t using more often. We’ve been home less, so electricity in general has not been used. Prior to these past two bills we used whatever electricity we wanted without seeing any real increase in payment.

Last month we called our electric company to see if perhaps there was a mistake, but they said there wasn’t, so we just have to live with it. Our rate is fixed, so that hasn’t changed. I’m not sure what else we can do to save money on this. Any ideas?



5 Responses

  1. Start by not turning the heat off for half the day. It makes the furnace work harder to heat a cold space than to maintain the heat in a warm one. Once the desired temp. is reached the furnace will turn off and only come back on as necessary. But when it has to go from cold to warm then it’s running that entire time using more electricity.

    • Our apartment only gets down to about 60 degrees while it’s off. When we turn it back on we usually turn it up to 65 degrees. Does that make much of a difference?

  2. I can’t say for sure. The situation is quite a bit different over here. Without heat this time of year the temp drops significantly, like in the 30s or 40s and we keep it at 70 or 72.

  3. We’re in the middle of another mini-blizzard right now. We’ve gotten a couple of inches in the last 4 hours and there should be more than a foot by tomorrow.

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