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Center for Biblical Studies

Tonight I begin a class at Dallas Seminary’s Center for Biblical Studies (CBS). It’s not an accredited institution (CBS, that is). Instead it gives students at DTS a chance to teach before they attain a position as a prof after graduation (if that is their plan).

CBS’s classes are offered for $30 each (10 week courses), so this allows me to do something this semester (lack of finances kept me from starting my ThM). One way or another I’ll start the ThM in the Fall, but in the meantime this is a nice way to keep my mind active. The title of the course I’ll be taking: The Significance of the Cross. From the course description:

By comparing the various views of the atonement, students will expand their hope in Christ’s death and resurrection.

There’s no work to do outside of the class per say, but we’ll see if I can’t get a good blog post or two out of it.



2 Responses

  1. I hope to be able to teach one of those classes during my studies here.

  2. Hopefully I’ll be in the ThM program by then. 😉

    I’m sure I’ll teach a class there at some point too.

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