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I am absolutely looking forward to what will be on television in about one hour: SMALLVILLE: ABSOLUTE JUSTICE! This two hour event should be the most awesome thing on tv (I’m going to say it) this week (take that Lost viewers).

It looks to be a good story. I’m glad that the CW is still putting money into this show after nine seasons. I’m hoping for a tenth (crossing fingers). Anyway, is anybody else going to watch this tonight? Or am I all alone here?



10 Responses

  1. I was just telling my daughter about it. I’m hoping it will be good. This season has been pretty lame and I wasn’t satisfied with last season either. If they end up going for a 10th I don’t know if I’ll watch it. And why can’t Clark fly yet?!! When are they going to get around to making this a regular thing and not just some random act of Kal-El when he’s fully possessed by his Kryptonian sensibilities (see the first episode of season 4)?

    • The no flights thing bothers me too. I remember watching a first season episode and he wakes up from a night’s sleep hovering over his bed. It seems like that would be a good way to start learning to fly, but no such luck yet. I’m hoping that let him fly by the end of this season.

  2. What is this?

    My show is bigger than your show? 😉

  3. Well, since it has come and gone, what did you think?

    Did you happen to catch Dr. Fate’s line about when the Cape would be revealed?

    I want a cape and tights!

    • It was an awesome show last night. I thought the best parts had to do with Martian Manhunter.

      I didn’t know that Dr. Fate was specific in saying when the cape would be revealed. I thought it was just a vague reference to the future. I did like that he mentioned Lex in a way that implies he’s not dead.

      I’ll settle for something red and blue. Oh, and I want him to fly.

      What did you think?

  4. I was disappointed with it overall. Not nearly enough action and I figured there’d be more heroes (I thought Aqua Man, The Flash [Bart Allen], Cyborg, and Canary would have at least been there and it would have been cool if Green Lantern and the old Flash [Barry Allen, not Wally West] made appearances as well). But your right, the parts with the Martian Manhunter were definitely the best. I was disappointed when he lost his powers but I’m glad he’s got them back! Now if only Clark would learn to fly!

    • The actress for Black Canary is tied up on Stargate: Universe now, so I doubt they could’ve gotten her. I agree with you completely on needing to get the old and new Flash together. And I did hope that Aqua Man would show up again (I think the last time was the very beginning of last season).

      Geoff Johns (the writer for this episode and comic book writer in general) needs to do more with the show. If they gave it to him I think we’d see some really cool stuff.

  5. I agree with Nick about the overall thing. Plus, too many and too long commercials. I liked the quick scene of the actual Martian Manhunter.

    Personally, I am getting tired of the no cape, no fly rule imposed from the start. With the new producers, one would think that they could review that rule.

    • Yes, the no tights, no flights rule has got to go. Other Kryptonians have flown with no problems. It’s time for Clark to do likewise.

      Let’s not forget though (despite how financially stable all the characters seem to be) that Clark is still portraying a young Superman. He started high school in the first season. That should put him at about 23 years old now.

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