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Did John Continue To Baptize?

What do you suppose John the Baptist did after the baptism of Jesus? It seems like all else in his ministry would not match up to that moment.

Obviously there was the whole thing with Herod. I’m thinking more in line with his baptism ministry though. Was he still proclaiming that people should repent and be baptized? Or was he sending his followers off to Jesus? Or both? Or neither?

Of course I realize there is no solid answer that can be had in this regard. It’s just one of those things that makes me wonder.



4 Responses

  1. John 3:24-24 and 4:1-3 seem to indicate that John continued to baptize. In fact, it seems that John as baptizing at the same time that Jesus’ disciples were baptizing, though in different locations.


  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Alan. I completely forgot about that reference.
    Right now I’m working through the synoptics, but soon will come to John. I’m looking forward to studying it again.

  3. Alan beat me to it.

  4. Don’t worry, Nick. I’m sure I’ll provide you with plenty of opportunities to correct me. 😉

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