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A couple of hours ago I happened to see one of Zondervan’s tweets. It read:

Gain 20 pounds of Bible knowledge – Get a free Bible reference set at http://zndr.vn/7yohII

Well, I must’ve seen that at just the right time. I entered to win their Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: Old Testament, and sure enough I got an email back from them. I won!

I’ve been thinking about this set (especially after seeing everyone’s reviews a while back), so I’m glad that I actually can have it (and for free!). Thanks Zondervan!



5 Responses

  1. I submitted the form several times and kept getting some kind of error message about their email capacity being full–NOOOO!!!! Congrats, Matt, on a great freebie!

  2. I just got lucky I guess. Maybe it had something to do with filling out the form from my blackberry. 😉

  3. Matt: Turns out all the free copies had been accounted for, so the system rejected all further entries. Hate that I missed out on that one!

  4. I still think it was pure luck on my part that I happened to enter at the right time. If they do this one again, I’ll try to win ZIBBCOT for you.

  5. Matt: Thanks!

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