Inside the Museum of Biblical Art

I went by to see what the Museum of Biblical Art looks like on the inside now that they have (kind of) reopened. It’s very nice. It’s got to be at least twice as large as it was before the fire that burnt it down in ’05.

They are still finishing up work on a few of the exhibit halls and not all of the artwork, sculptures, and various items are back in place yet (and some has not been marked to let me know what it is).

Some great additions to the place are a huge library (sans books at the moment). This library is wall to wall shelves. Not the kind you’d find at a regular library either, but rather the kind you (or at least I) dream of having in your own home – nice, dark, hardwood shelves.

Also, they’ve added an art conservation and restoration room where they are repairing the original artwork that was damaged in the fire. Of course I couldn’t go in there, but they were kind enough to add glass, so you can see what’s happening inside.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend that you visit the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas if you’re ever here. Right now they are open Tuesdays through Fridays from 11am-4pm while the finish up (did I mention it’s free!). I heard that they are shooting for a grand opening sometime around March or April.



3 thoughts on “Inside the Museum of Biblical Art

  1. Hi Matt, Glad to hear that you made it to the Museum of Biblical Art for their “sort of opening” I have an art piece in their permanent collection, titled, Open Door Policy…a collage of visions of heaven behind a real antique door that the viewer is invited to actually open. Hope my piece was up and installed. I will be at the offical grand opening ceremony when they know when that will be. It is a very special museum with a very special purpose…I’m pleased to be a part.
    Eileen Downes

    1. I did not see that one, but it could’ve just been around a corner and I missed it. I’ll look for it again when my wife and I go back (sometime around the grand opening).

      It is a very special museum and I’m glad to see it recover from the fire.

  2. Hi Matt, The MBA is having a grand opening celebration Friday April 2 at 11:00…I don’t think I’m going to be able to fly out then, but thought maybe you would like to go? If you do, could you take some photos please? and maybe of my peice Open Door Policy?

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