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Favorite Greek Grammar

I’ve been running through some of the Greek books here at DTS today (many of which go right over my head) and thought I’d ask you all a question. What is your favorite Greek grammar (introductory, intermediate, or advanced)?

I can only speak for introductory grammars thus far, so I am going to say Dave Black’s Learn to Read New Testament Greek (which is what I learned on), but I have to say that Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek (3rd ed) is pretty intuitive. I’ve been using Mounce as a refresher before moving on to an intermediate level book.



7 Responses

  1. Mounce for intro, Stevens for intermediate, Wallace and BDF for advanced.

    • I’ve not heard of Stevens before. It looks new. Why do you choose that book over, let’s say, Black’s intermediate Greek (or whatever you’re familiar with)?

  2. Black’s Grammar is my favorite too.

  3. Matt: Stevens was one of my Greek profs in my MDiv program. I am reading his book now for review and his approach is familiar to me. My primary reason for suggesting it is because I haven’t used many intermediate grammars, so I suggested his by default. I hope to get both of Black’s volumes.

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