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I’m Not Dead Yet

Yesterday was a busy day. We took Brooke’s sister to the airport and saw her off (It’s nice having family around). I thought things would quiet down for a little bit. I was wrong.

Last night we had to go to the grocery. I got bored so I went back to the car a little early. What do you know? The battery was dead . . . or so I thought. Brooke called her boss (great guy) and he came over and jumped our car.

Today I took the car to walmart (fortunately for us the battery has three months of warranty left on it) thinking they’d replace the battery for us. I’ve done this once or twice before. They take their thing out, test the battery and tell you if you’ve won a prize (read: new battery). Apparently though, this time it’s not the battery. The battery is not dead yet.

Now, I’ve done this once before too. There’s only so many things it could be. I’m hoping it’s not the alternator (ie. pain-in-the-butt to replace). So, tomorrow I’m heading over to my dad’s and we’re going to take a look at it (he knows more than me about this stuff).

All this is to say, no, I’m not dead yet. I’ve just been awfully busy/worn out around here and have found it incredibly difficult to find the time to blog my regular stuff (translations, updates, reviews, commenting). I believe that it will begin to return to normal here in the next day or two though. So stay tuned.



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