Free of Cables

I am no longer confined to the desktop of my home office for internet capability. Yes, the time has come for me to enter into the world that most everyone else enjoys: the world of wireless!

Yesterday I was happy to see the FedEx guy pull up and deliver my new netbook. 10.2 inches of glory! Now, I know some of you prefer all the power of a full blown laptop, but I frankly don’t need it. Instead I opted for a simple, yet sleek netbook. These things provide you with ample battery life (10.5 hours), 160gb hard drive, and, best of all, wireless N capability.

All that for a surprisingly low price. So low that if something happened to the netbook in a couple years where it doesn’t function as excellently, I won’t feel as if I wasted any money.

With the wireless capability I plan to take my blogging, job searching, and other stuff outside the apartment much more often. I’ll spend some time up at DTS’s library in the coming days, but will be free to type away anywhere as long as there is a wireless signal.

I am extremely happy to be able to get out of the apartment more.



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