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I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I received a few articles in the mail from J. K. Elliott. He was kind enough to send me one that I asked him for along with two others that are related. This is the note he attached with them:

Photocopy of article requested + two other, related, articles which I hope may also be of interest! Since I wrote these I find other scholars are happy to agree with my arguments separating Mk 1:45 from its context, but few are prepared to accept that ὁ ἐξελθὼν was a title. I still think there’s something in my original points!!

It is so nice of him to take the time to dig these articles up for me. What are they? Well, the one I originally requested is “The Conclusion of the Pericope of the Healing of the Leper and Mark i. 45” from JTS 22 (1971). The other two are “Is ὁ ἐξελθὼν a Title for Jesus in Mark i. 45” from JTS 27 (1976), and “The Healing of the Leper in the Synoptic Parallels” from TZ 34 (1978).



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