Jim West Shuts Down Blog

Not only is his blog blocked (as some have mentioned), it is now completely deleted. I am sad to see him go. His posts were always great to read and I never learned more about Zwingli and total depravity as I did from him. Jim, you will be missed.



19 thoughts on “Jim West Shuts Down Blog

  1. on the dashboard, there is a way to make all the content private. When I’ve gone to blogs that really have been deleted, the message was that blog did not exist anymore.

    Having said that, I just checked Jim’s blog and that’s the message that I’m getting – not the same log in screen from yesterday, so it looks like it really is gone. Of course, he could have backed it up thinking toward the future. . . .

    1. True. I didn’t think about the possibility of him backing up his blog. I do wish he had chimed in on one of these ‘where is Jim’ posts to let us know what’s up.

      1. ElShaddai posted one last time when he pulled the blogging plug and that post is still there. I wrote about that this morning. I don’t like things that just completely disappear without warning.

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  3. through a contact I know, he says he was bored of blogging – but my contact said he’s done this before and that he’ll be back. it’s just a ploy…

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