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Jim West Shuts Down Blog

Not only is his blog blocked (as some have mentioned), it is now completely deleted. I am sad to see him go. His posts were always great to read and I never learned more about Zwingli and total depravity as I did from him. Jim, you will be missed.



19 Responses

  1. I am not so sure his blog is deleted. Especially given the happy face at the very bottom.

  2. on the dashboard, there is a way to make all the content private. When I’ve gone to blogs that really have been deleted, the message was that blog did not exist anymore.

    Having said that, I just checked Jim’s blog and that’s the message that I’m getting – not the same log in screen from yesterday, so it looks like it really is gone. Of course, he could have backed it up thinking toward the future. . . .

    • True. I didn’t think about the possibility of him backing up his blog. I do wish he had chimed in on one of these ‘where is Jim’ posts to let us know what’s up.

      • ElShaddai posted one last time when he pulled the blogging plug and that post is still there. I wrote about that this morning. I don’t like things that just completely disappear without warning.

  3. Matt: The happy face occurs on every WP blog period. Yours is on the right side in the gray space.

  4. Ode to Dr. Jim West…

    I never quite understood the man, Though he appeared ubiquitous,……

  5. Yep, I think it is really gone.

  6. […] Fr. Stephen. And T.C. has an ode, apocryphal at best. I’d say some like late Maccabean. Then, Matt has noticed. And Josh Mann – whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the SBL Blogger Dinner in New […]

  7. The smiley ()is used by WordPress (and some other services) for statistical purposes.

  8. through a contact I know, he says he was bored of blogging – but my contact said he’s done this before and that he’ll be back. it’s just a ploy…

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