My Goals for 2010

Over at Text, Community, & Mission, Daniel posted on how he did with his goals of 2009. He had some really practical and great things, and he accomplished a lot. This got my brain thinking (I know, surprising) about what I should do this next year. So, here is my list of goals (not resolutions – those are things you break) for 2010:

  1. Read the Bible using a reading plan. I wasn’t able to find a reading plan that suits me, so I’m creating my own. I will be reading six chapters from the Old Testament each day (allowing me to read through the OT twice this year) and two chapters from the New Testament (allowing me to read through the NT almost three times). I realize I could do more, but not having done a reading plan before I figure I should aim a bit lower than I’d like.
  2. Memorize all 1,000 cards from Mounce’s Greek Vocabulary Cards. Since I got these on Friday I’ve worked my way up to 100 cards (adding another fifty today or tomorrow). They’ve already helped with my translations. I can only imagine being able to read and translate the GNT so much faster once I’ve accomplished this goal.
  3. Re-Memorize the Greek paradigms. This may be my hardest goal just because of a lack of will. Paradigms aren’t too fun. It doesn’t feel like I’m interacting with the text, but I know this will pay off if I do it.
  4. Land a teaching job. Actually, this may be the hardest of my goals since it means getting accepted by someone else and actually has less to do with me just doing something to get it done (like the others to this point). Yet a goal it remains.
  5. Love my wife more each day. Yall don’t know her, but Brooke is an awesome person. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. Right now she’s working her butt off to bring in the only paycheck (since I’m unemployed). I love her so much. Whether this goal has been reached or not a year from now can only be determined by her.

So, there they are. Those are my goals for the year. There are plenty more that I’d like to do, but these are the most important for me to do.



One thought on “My Goals for 2010

  1. Matt,
    I’ll go with “Love my wife more each day” too.

    Yeah, I’ve already started reading through the Bible but no reading plan for me, except to go from Gen. to Rev.

    I quit memorize paradigms and vocab. I just read the text. It works for me. 😉

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