Top Posts of 2009

Some other people have done it, so I figured that I might as well jump on the bandwagon as well. Here are my top three posts of 2009.

  1. Interview with Larry Hurtado – This was the second in my set of interviews of various New Testament scholars. It, by far, has been the most popular and for good reason.
  2. Top 3 Bible Movies (and 1 I Wish Was Made) – Memes were new to me when I started my own. It seems like I did okay with that.
  3. Hot! Hot! Hot! – This was meant to be just a funny college recruitment video and I thought it wouldn’t get very many views, but I guess I was wrong. Honestly though, most of them are generated from people clicking over from a “related posts” section of a not-so-good blog. I guess they thought it would be something else.

Be sure to go back and check these posts out if you haven’t already. I promise that they’re at least somewhat worthwhile. 😉



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