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A Corpus Christmas

I just want to let everyone know that Brooke and I escaped a mini-blizzard in north Texas to spend Christmas in Corpus Christi. That’s where she’s from, so we’ll be with her family over the next week.

Don’t fret though. I’ll still be posting over these next several days. However I may be a little slow to catch all of your great posts.



4 Responses

  1. Nice escaping! We are stranded in Munday, TX. Have a merry Christmas.

  2. Thanks, Peter. Have fun in the snow. 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas! I usually read here since I found your blog. I enjoy. I am enjoying the snow on the ground and the season of Christmas. I used to live on the plains of TX and grew up there, but my husband and I now live in central NY. I love it. We moved here to do mission work 40 years ago and the Lord has made it home for us. My grown children are all “yanks.”

    God doesn’t know any such distinction. I praise Him. Have a delightful Christmas as you celebrate Him with family.

  4. You have a merry Christmas too, Iris. And thanks for reading.

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