I know there are scams out there and many, many charity donations don’t ever get to the people that you want it to get to. That’s why I believe that people should research where they send their money first. One place to start is Ministry Watch. Here’s it’s description: is an independent donor advocate facilitating the information needs of donors. It provides information on organizations alleging to be charitable and its key leadership in order to identify materially misleading behavior, or wasteful spending practices, as well as identifying those operations that are above board and running efficiently. The objective is to limit consequences of scams and prevention of fraudulent activity, promote better allocations of giving, encourage intelligent questions of organizational structure, financial health, and advance the idea of organizational transparency and best practices.

If you want to give financially to a charity, then this should be your first stop.

However, my wife and I don’t really have much in the way of finances. If we did then we would help out places that we believe in (like Mission Arlington, Dallas Life Foundation, or Beautiful Feet Ministries) with at least some amount of money. Since we don’t there are other ways to help out. You can volunteer your time of course (although holidays usually mean that charitable organizations are all full up on volunteers).

You can also find out what is needed at the charity and provide something for them. This is what we did this year. We had an old queen mattress and boxspring that we had considered just tossing out, but I remembered that Mission Arlington always needs stuff like this. We gave them a call and they came to our apartment and picked it up. They mentioned that there was a family that could really use this right now, so we hope that we’ve helped in at least a small way.

I pray that God gives me more opportunity to help people that need it and that you find a way to help people in your lives and in your area.



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