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Library Day Bust

Yesterday I announced my grand plan of spending the day at the library working on this and that in order to have more to blog (ie. reviews, diagrammatical analysis, translation, etc).

Upon arriving at DTS’s library I got set up at a carrell. I put some notes over here, plugged my laptop in, put a couple books over there. Well, I haven’t used my laptop much since I graduated in May so I needed to install BibleWorks. I got the DVD out and put it in, but soon enough I discovered that I had forgotten the key code for it at home. Well, there went diagramming and translating (No, I didn’t bother to bring any paper excepts for my translation notes which were already filled).

I did finish reading a book and began to review it. The review should be done tomorrow or the next day at which time I’ll post it (so the day isn’t a complete bust). I couldn’t blog from there (my laptop’s internet connection doesn’t work) and I couldn’t do anything more productive there that I can’t do at my apartment, so I came home.

All this to say, tomorrow I’m probably going back. This time I’ll have that key code though!



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