One Thousand

My humble blog now officially has had it’s 1000th comment. I knew that it would probably come today, but there was a long wait between #999 and #1000. That’s ok though. I have my 1000th comment and that comment was from Bitsy on my previous post:

Our last pastor (the one I knew the best) started a school to mentor younger pastors. That kept him incredibly busy. He also wrote books. Even though our church had over 5,000 at the time, he called me in another state and talked for the longest time when my dad died. He was active with the IMB and on committees for the SBC and local association. He was involved in a conference of local ministers not associated with the SBC. I heard him talk about hospital visits, but I heard others say he’d visited him. When the boys were little and we joined that church, he had new members over every Sunday night.

And somewhere in all that, he managed to fit in sermon prep!

Jason: Those interpersonal things! IMHO, they are the tough part of being a teacher too!

Make sure to stop by Bitsy’s blog. There’s always something interesting being posted over there. And here’s to another 1000 comments!



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