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Forthcoming Book Review

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: Matt’s got another book review he’s about to post on his blog. Well, you’d be wrong (although I hope to have one up here in the next week). The review I’m referring to in the title is for an academic journal.

Yes, yes. I have been approved to review a book for a journal. This will be my first time reviewing for such a thing, so it is obviously not for one of the higher ranking journals (so far I’ve been turned down by six higher ranking ones, but I had to try, you know?). This book review will be for Southwestern Journal of Theology. The book? The Gospel of John and Christian Theology by Richard Bauckham and Carl Mosser.

However, I have a question for those in the know. Since I have been approved to do this review, does that mean that when it is completed (I have three months) it will be published? Or is that something that will be determined later?



4 Responses

  1. Congrats, but I can’t answer you question. 😀

  2. That will be determined by the editor and/or book review editor. You can contact that person for his/her policy. Usually editors are desperate for reviews, though, so I think you’ve got a good chance. But watch those deadlines!

    • Thanks for the answer, Dr. Black. I think I’ll hold off on asking about that policy right now. I’m just happy that there’s a real chance. I plan on getting to work on this book as soon as it arrives, so hopefully that deadline won’t be a problem.

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