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I Won! I Won!

So, over at Dave Black Online there was a little contest today to see who could figure out the text and the author of this:

I saw it and thought I could figure it out. I turned to my GNT and flipped to the sixth chapter of each epistle to compare. Nothing lined up with Dr. Black’s picture! I paused and thought it might come from the Apostolic Fathers. Sure enough, after turning to several AF epistles, there it was! Polycarp’s epistle, To the Philippians!

My reward? A copy of Dr. Black’s latest booklet, Christian Archy!

Contests like this are a lot of fun.



17 Responses

  1. Congratulations! It’s a beautiful passage exhorting elders. By the way, Christian Archy is a great book. I know you’ll enjoy it!


    • I’m going to have to re-read this epistle tonight. Should be fun. And I’m looking forward to Christian Archy too.

      By the way, close match. I can’t believe I won out by only fifteen minutes. Did you recognize the passage right away?

      • Yes, I recognized it from the first part of 6.1. I wouldn’t recognize most of the Greek fathers, but I would recognize that passage.


    • Actually, (after paying a visit to your blog) now I’m certain you recognized it right away. Great job!

  2. Look for a similar contest in Latin coming soon….

  3. It looks like it’s from Holmes’ 3rd edition of the AF. It’s my favorite Greek font without question!

  4. Hmmm… I’m looking to buy a book of the AF, which one would you recommend?

  5. Mike: Holmes’ Greek-English 3rd edition. No doubt about it!

  6. Mike: I completely agree with Nick. Get that one. You’ll enjoy.

  7. Mike Holmes AF Diglot 3rd edition. It’s beautiful!

  8. Nice, thanks guys, on my next “to-buy” list.

  9. Awesome! I got to spend more time with the Fathers. Perhaps I’ll win something. 😀

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