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The Jim West Top 50

Although the Biblioblog Top 50 is no more, I have finally made a top 50 list! That’s right! I’ve teased the normal top 50 for the past five months I’ve blogged, but finally I made it . . . onto Jim’s ‘Own Top 50 (Almost)’! I come in at a reasonable #35! Will this be a monthly thing on his blog? I don’t know. My guess would be not. Still, I finally made it!



2 Responses

  1. Well done (though, having met JW now, I do want to press against your easy assumption that being included on his list means you have ‘made it.’ I wouldn’t go that far). But, well done, and I do enjoy clicking your blog and reading every day. Keep at it.

    • Lol! Of course I know I haven’t made it yet. I am so far from making it. Still, it’s fun to be included.

      And thanks for reading so much. I check your blog out every time you update as well.

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