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Looking at Academic Journals

Per some advice in my previous post, I looked at several academic journals yesterday while my wife was grocery shopping. I emailed those journals book review editors to see about the possibility of doing a book review for them. Of course I knew that I would have some rejections. In fact, I’m certain that many will reject me since I have not published before and am but a lowly ThM student (or soon to be ThM student anyway).

When I woke up today I saw that I had received some emails from a few of those editors I was happy to read them. Of five journals I’ve heard back from, four have rejected me or placed my name in their file. Ok, I expected that. After all, I’m not in a PhD program yet. However, one has invited me to take a look at their available books and seems happy to have me review for them! That is great news!

I’ll let you know who this journal is as time goes on and it seems more definite. In the meantime, I’m still waiting to hear back from ten other journals. Perhaps there will be one or two more in there that will accept me. We shall see.



6 Responses

  1. Best of luck with that. I have been hoping to start contacting journals in the near future (anything to hype up a resume for prospective scholarships and grants).

  2. Ari, I have volunteered there. I’m not sure of my odds, but I figure that they must increase each time that I am able to review a book.

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