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Long Week

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much over the past few days (and I’m sorry that it’s probably going to be like that the rest of today and maybe tomorrow). It’s been a long week. Parts have been good. Parts have been not as good.

Sunday was my birthday and that was really good. Monday I was sick (the temperature dropped something like thirty degrees over night), so that wasn’t much fun at all. Yesterday I was recovering and had to do a few things around the apartment.

Today we’re dealing with our car. It’s in the shop and we’re trying to figure out if now’s a good time to get the brakes fixed or if we should wait until we have money to do it (the brake rotors are warped). If not, then we’ll pick our car up today, otherwise it’ll be tomorrow. We also have to return our rental car tomorrow.

In addition to all that I’m broadening my job search to everything I can find (whether I’m qualified or not). I’m hoping to be back blogging regularly again soon though.



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  1. happy b-day. how old are you now?


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