Job Hunt: New Possibilities

I’m still looking for a job, but nothing has come up over the past couple of weeks until yesterday. Last night we went to church (not something we normally do on a Wednesday night) at a church that we’ve started to visit. While there my wife met a teacher from my old high school and she mentioned that they were looking for a semi-permanent substitute for their junior and senior english classes. Apparently their current teacher is away sick and may not be getting better. I’d hate for anything to happen to the man, so I’ll pray for his health.

Then I had a weird dream last night where I applied for a job at KCBI, a radio station here. Now, I check KCBI’s job watch section throughout the week, but I never click on the ‘Job Opportunities at KCBI’ tab because they never have anything listed. Well, I woke up this morning and clicked on that tab. Sure enough, there’s a job listing for a full-time promotions assistant. I figured I’d better apply, so I did. That dream could be just a fluke (after all I’ve been so concentrated on this job hunt), but maybe it wasn’t. We’ll see.



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