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Thoughts on Half-Price Books

I took my wife to work today which allowed me the chance to have the car. So, what did I do? I went by three Half-Price Books on the way back to the apartment. The first store had a good variety of commentaries in their Christian section. The second one had practically nothing worthwhile. And the third store had the largest selection of them all. The funny thing is that the first and third stores aren’t in the best parts of town, while the second one is in a nice part. Why is it that the bad parts of town have better books?

I didn’t get anything from Half-Price today though. None of them had anything that would get me very excited about (although they would for some people). What are the Half-Price Books like where you are?



8 Responses

  1. There are no Half-Price Books in NJ. Sadly we’re overrun by the evil Barnes & Noble chain and there’s not too much to compete with it. 😦

  2. We have nothing. We do, however, have a Cokesbury that carries a discount section which is just cool.

  3. We have a Hastings, LifeWay, and BooksAMillion, none of which get much of my business. I will never pay retail when I can order online for much less. I hope to be able to stop in a HPB in the near future!

    • Man, I can’t believe that Half-Price isn’t everywhere. The only thing they would need to start one someplace is a space and shelves.

  4. Man, I love Half Price Books. I can’t tell you how many great books I’ve gotten from there. I have about 3 good ones around me that I consistently get good stuff from (it also helps as you expand your interests) but I’ve bought stuff from every one of them in my area and other cities multiple times.

    Lately I’ve been trying to cut back because I’ve often bought stuff there that I didn’t end up reading for a while but I’m really tempted to go pick up Emmanuel Tov’s book on textual criticism of the OT, which I spotted the other day. I have a 50% off coupon so I can get a really good deal on it. In fact the other day when I saw it I had it and 4 other books that I was about to buy when I decided I didn’t really need them at the moment and I put them all back. But that Tov book has been calling to me. : )

    Bryan L

    • I’ve got a couple really good ones nearby here too. It’s hard not to buy all the good books I see though. That’s awesome that you’ve got a 50% off coupon. Go use it to by Tov’s book.

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