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What’s On Tonight?


There’s a new show on ABC that began last week, V. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the show, which generally means that the tv execs spend more money on marketing than on production. That usually is a clue for me to not even bother with it, and so I didn’t. However, the show was uploaded to Hulu sometime between last Tuesday and this past Sunday, and I had some time to kill, so I watched it.

It was ok – not too special, but not a piece of garbage either. Lizard people from another planet doesn’t seem that great, but there’s something there. I figure it could either get much better or much worse. I’m going to watch it tonight, but this could be the last time. I’ll let you know how it is.



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  1. […] Leave a comment Go to comments I missed last night’s episode until I saw it mentioned on Matt’s blog and turned on the tube. They must have run the first 30 minutes pretty much without commercial […]

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