Museum of Biblical Art To Reopen

The Biblical Arts Center, now called Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas (not to be confused with MoBiA in New York) suffered a fire in June 2005. Their building, the art, sculptures, and other pieces were lost. Now, four years later, they are getting ready to reopen.

I called them to see when they might open and am told that they hope to do so by the end of December. It’s been a long road, but their building is bigger than ever and many pieces of art have been restored. I am looking forward to checking the place out soon. If they are hiring at that time, I’d love a job there.

I’ve only been once before in 2003 as an opportunity for extra credit in a high school class. They had some of the Dead Sea Scrolls there on exhibit. Quite an awesome place. If you’re ever in the Dallas area you should stop by.



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